1. When school will reopen?
Our concern is the safety of students so whenever the situation is appropriate for students to join school safely. But at least this session we will be depending upon online classes.

2. What will be the mode of teaching this session 2020-21?
We will be mostly depending on E-learning for the students at least till things are normal.

3. How do you ensure that online classes are effectively conducted?
For us each child is precious, so we ensure individualized attention and maintain attendance period wise. The class is monitored by an observer and school authorities. Students are asked questions on regular basis. An anecdotal record is maintained for every student.

4. How can I check the performance of the child?
You can check your child’s academic as well as behavioral performance through the ANECDOTAL RECORD.

5. What is the procedure for checking the anecdotal record?
• Go to the school website
• Click on the Parent’s icon.
• Click on Anecdotal Portal.
• In the first column write sXXXX (4 digits of Admission No.)
• Write Date of birth of a child in the format: DDMMYYYY (02062007)
• Sign in: you will be able to view.

6. What if my child misses the class because of a poor connection or any other relevant reason.
He/she is given attendance period wise. In senior classes (33%) per period and Junior (50%) per period. Parents are to ensure the availability of an internet connection. However, if the problem is faced once or twice we shall ignore it.

7. What are the school’s expectations from parents during the Pandemic?
• Maintain regularity and punctuality in attending online classes.
• Ensure that he/she is doing H.W. regularly.
• Check the anecdotal record of your child.
• Appreciate the efforts of teachers, motivate them.
• Join the EHV classes meant for you every Sunday.
• Follow the instructions given from time to time. • Do not send your child for tuitions.
• Go for meditation and exercise with the child to make it a regular feature to prepare for the current crisis.
• If possible pay the fee on time for the smooth running of the school. Or else share your issues with school.
• Ensure that the students are doing the work in neat handwriting. Encourage to do one-page handwriting whose writing is not up to the mark.
• Involve your ward in doing small household work.
• Try to converse with them in English.

8. What if I am unable to pay the fee because of my financial constraints?
We will check your previous record and income mentioned in admission and profession of yours and performance of the child in the class to date through anecdotal and the vice principal will take the decision, as already too much concession is given. A few more will be accommodated but only on merit and school decision will be final.

9. What if I want to get admission of my other ward studying somewhere else.
Admission will be provided only after receiving SLC from the leaving school and fee payment status verified till date in that school.

10. When will be Mid Term Exams?
The school will be soon sharing the first term details with parents.

11. Will it be online or offline?
It will be conducted online, but the details will be shared with parents soon.