principal mam

principal mamOur School is fully dedicated to imparting quality education to its students who are the most promising assets of our country. We are constantly committed to our pursuit of excellence and perfection in our objective to make our students emotionally stable, intellectually vibrant, spiritually enlightened, and socially committed.

Remarkable indeed has been the technical advancement in a society that has been posing new challenges before the students. In order to respond to these challenges, there is a need to focus to specific skills in students which provide an equilibrium between school learning and life skills to seek solutions to problems in real life.

Science and technology forging ahead in an ever-accelerating speed. Our aim to blend the hi-tech outlook with traditional values is an impetus to put the youthful energy of the students to a good purpose. We believe in unconventional experiential learning which provides the students to develop their life skills. Responding to this urgent need we believe in imbibing moral values in children which articulates a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to value education in schools.

The motto of the school “Learn to serve” signifies that the real essence of learning lies in serving the nation. We, here in D. C. Model School, make the students not only Great but Good individuals too, who have integrity in Head, Heart, and Hand.

Principal’s Message: Usha Gupta