Together we stand , DCM’s loyal force!

Comrades all,right on to the end

Our work well done,we

always do our best

Every task with zeal and zest!

Forever true, Forever true

To God and Country

We shall be

O’ School of our pride,

We build on thee….(2)

Faithfully we’ll ever be

To our School now and ever after

So that all shall see that we

stand for loyalty!

Onwards we go, no matter

what the cost

Striving Still in spite of every loss

Our flag on high, waving in the air

Follow girls and boys!, it’s

proudly waiting there

The Navy Blue!The Navy Blue!

For thee we shall be Forever true, Forever true

For thee we shall toil with joy and love

And keep thee floating up above

O’School of our pride, we build on thee..

School Anthem